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Is Odysseus a True Epic Hero Essay Example

Is Odysseus a True Epic Hero? Article How would you characterize a saint? Some may characterize a legend as somebody with mental fortitude and courage, somebody who realizes how to battle beasts and win memorable fights, stay faithful to himself and additionally their men, or somebody who has knowledge to oust a malicious realm and make everything â€Å"right†. My meaning of an epic saint is somebody who can defeat passed mix-ups and battle to improve as an individual inside, while driving, remaining faithful and giving up what should be yielded for their kin. In the epic sonnet, The Odyssey, Odysseus, child of Laertes, is tested to his actual capability of being an epic saint. He is tested to settle on choices for the wellbeing of he, however for his men’s purpose. He was reviled to be missed out adrift by Poseidon, divine force of the ocean, after the long Trojan War and goes for a long time on a risky excursion to get back home to Ithaca. On Odysseus’ venture, he is tested by the Cyclops, the monster with one eye, Circe, the goddess of witchery, the delightful singing Sirens, Scylla, and the sky is the limit from there. They all test his actual aspiration of getting back home by enticement. Odysseus is effortlessly enticed. With allurement being so natural, there’s no chance this â€Å"epic hero† can truly be delegated a genuine epic legend. Odysseus has solid central focuses just as shortcomings. He realizes how to lead a major gathering of men, keep his self-restraint and consider snappy designs to support him and his men through snags, however Odysseus doesn’t realize how to remain centered. He can without much of a stretch be enticed to remain in one spot on his excursion for a long time. We will compose a custom exposition test on Is Odysseus a True Epic Hero? explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on Is Odysseus a True Epic Hero? explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Is Odysseus a True Epic Hero? explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Despite the fact that he attempts to get his boat heap of men back home, he centers around the hindrances that are occurring around then, he doesn’t consider the future until somebody helps him to remember their excursion to return home. Odysseus responds without deduction and that’s his significant ruin. A genuine epic saint weighs out their alternatives and figures what might be best for their men. Odysseus then again responds to the deterrents at a fast pace, without deduction and examining the circumstance and doesn’t stay faithful to his men. Dependability was significant back in The Odyssey’s time, on the grounds that during the Trojan War, on the off chance that you weren’t faithful to your men, you were to be killed. Odysseus realized he was getting back, yet without the backup of his men. They were all going to be executed, yet Odysseus didn’t let them know, he simply let destiny dominate and kept the passing of the entirety of his crew members to himself. False epic saint quality. Being an epic legend doesn't mean you are the best and will everlastingly hold the title as the best epic saint. Epic saints commit errors in some cases, yet they gain from past slip-ups and take in exercises from them. Epic saints stay faithful to their men regardless of what the condition is. Just vain weaklings retain significant data from their crewmates and commit ceaseless errors. Odysseus’s character doesn't transform from the earliest starting point of the book as far as possible, which is a significant motivation behind why he is a pompous weakling. Epic saints realize they are epic legends and their activities demonstrate it. Odysseus is the ruler of Ithaca, however comes up short on the epic legend characteristics like being steadfast and gaining from passed botches. These attributes of Odysseus make him an epic disappointment.

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Existentialist View Of Human Condition Essay Example For Students

Existentialist View Of Human Condition Essay Two of the fundamental standards of Existentialist Human Condition are: That man exists and afterward createshimself and what man decides for himself he decides for every other person also. Lets analyze the firstprinciple: man exists and afterward characterizes himself. What it implies is that man is made on this planet and isnothing yet a body, violence. What he decides to do and to be is the thing that makes him a man. In the event that a mancomes into this world and decides to take, cheat, slaughter and falsehood then that is the thing that that man has made himself tobe. While society may consider him to be an underhanded individual, that is what is directly for him. Presently then again if aperson decides to be liberal, kind, legitimate and adoring, society may consider him to be a decent individual while it isstill directly for him. As indicated by the Existentialists, an individual is put on this planet with no predisposedgood or abhorrence esteems, one man isn't made with any more great or malevolence than the following. By the decisionswe make in life we make oursel!ves. Next the subsequent view, what man decides for himself he decides for every other person. This is a view Ireally put stock in. All that we do in life impacts another person, regardless of whether we no it or not. Each time wedrive our vehicle. Each time we eat something, go through cash, go for a run another person is affected. For anexample: a man goes to the store and purchases a sound system. Above all else the agent the assistant is affected in light of the fact that they need to look at you, so you have taken some oftheir time. The store is affected in light of the fact that they are short one radio from their store. The producer nowhas to make one more to supplant the one that was purchased from the store. The assembling representatives areeffected on the grounds that set up the radio, etc. Then again a man who decides to take that samestereo will impact much more individuals. In the event that he get captured the store, the producer, the police, the courts, thejails and all the individuals who are associated with those associations. So now the inquiry is raised what ifeveryone acted a similar way that man did? Well there could be only insurgency, no laws, orgovernment. Fundamentally we would return to a kind of Neanderthal sort state. This is the reason numerous classicphilosophers have issues with the Existentialist perspective, in view of the imagine a scenario wher e questions.

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Kerang Rail Crash Samples for Students †

Question: Talk about the Kerang Rail Crash In Australia. Answer: Train crashes have become a typical factor because of the restrictions of the security measures. In Australia, likewise numerous cases are found of railroad mishaps. These sorts of mishaps principally happens because of trains voyaging crash on a similar tract, trains getting diverted because of some specialized shortcoming or in light of avalanches or any article impeding the rail. Legitimate salvage measures are a lot of significant like the duty of the administrator and staffs of the railroad and there must be sure standards for mediations that must be remembered (Maurino et al., 2017).However, rail industry security and standard board (RISSB) in Australia is extending a minimal model of danger to address the issues of this industry. The Australian rail chance model (ARRM) pulls the consideration on the current framework to make a dynamic information other than any association can create. Nonetheless, Australias Rail Safety National Law allows a methodology that is chance based fo r overseeing security (Guo et al., 2014). The occurrence picked here is the Kerang train mishap that occurred in fifth of June 2007 at kerang 3579 in Australia. In the mishap be that as it may, 11 travelers were dead and in excess of 23 travelers were seen as harmed. It is supposed to be the life compromise fiasco in Australia since the time 1977. The train was packed with travelers when it was wrecked at Granville in the west of Sydney (Curtis et al., 2012). As indicated by journalists, casualties didn't have the vital security quantifies and was nearly left for kicking the bucket as the specialists, medical caretakers and anesthetists were advised to avoid the zone of mishap. If there should be an occurrence of this specific train crash, anyway it was said that the truck driver was hard of hearing in one ear and had glasses thus he was unable to perceive any red light blazing when he took a curve and he was unable to hear the trains horn (Tung Khattak, 2015). The coroner anyway said that in the event that the truck driver had the admonition two seconds sooner, at that point this impact could have been maintained a strategic distance from. It has additionally been said that in Australia limit of the train crashes happens because of resemblances that incorporate trains and trucks. In this way, measures ought to be there to stay away from all these. As recommended by the measurements it has been said that each transport includes some hazard or the other thus wellbeing levels are acknowledged are not are to be looked by the administration who must control against the possibly unsafe practices. Various causes really upgrade the rail mishaps like crashes, unmanned level intersections, impacts, train flames and mishaps that occurred because of the omissions of the railroad staff. Various mishaps occur because of the flagging blunders that are made by the train administrators. The fundamental security quantifies that each driver should remember is right off the bat to drive protectively which implies on the off chance that the driver has the correct feeling of wellbeing, at that point the mishaps are to be abstained from, arriving at the allocated goal is generally significant thus if some other vehicle is found in a rush therefore they should not be headstrong. Speed cutoff ought not be expanded as in light of the fact that it is un lawful just as perilous. The driver must be mindful and his attention ought to be on the streets while he is driving, safety belt ought to be worn and above all, in the event that the driver is stresses or unwell, at that point he ought not be driving (Salmon et al., 2013). In any case, in instances of wet streets and awful climates the driver ought to have hindered the speed. The primary security breaks that added to this specific train crash were right off the bat the deferred motioning from the piece of the train driver. As the coroner expresses that on the off chance that the flagging were completed couple of moments earlier, at that point this mishap would have been controlled. Interestingly, the truck driver couldn't see the intersection lights that were blazing. It was accounted for that the truck driver was hard of hearing in one ear and had glasses. Notwithstanding, individuals who have physical impediments can be perilous and dangerous for causing mishaps. As indicated by another truck driver who was simply behind the truck which got into mishap said that he saw no break light before the accident. The truck went straight and hit the train at the intersection (Newnam Goode, 2015). After this awful mishap, solid new standards were compensated for the streets alongside glimmering notice light and the thunder strips. Aside from this, those Victorian drivers who will race there transport to beat the train at the level intersection will lose their permit for a month of three and may likewise confront a fine of $3,300 under the wrongdoing of speeding to defeat the train. The state government has taken another measure where they set up raised strips on the outside of the streets at each 200 intersections and blazing indications of admonitions in the number one spot up to around 53 intersections, which incorporate Kerang in the northern piece of Victoria that goes under a bundle of multi-million dollar (Scott-Parker, Goode Salmon, 2015). Further, around 1,300 level intersections will anyway be left inactively ensured with an offer way or a stop hint. Another issue that the specialists thought of is the expanded terrible conduct of the driver. This unreasonable hazard taking conduct from the drivers will anyway the most elevated worry for the Australian government. Accordingly, in each rail going across particularly on an interstate of the territorial Victoria will have this dynamic insurance. With developing mechanical focal points, the legislature is likewise trying sincerely so they can utilize the innovation to caution the drivers of compromising level intersections. This will remember the GPS gadgets for the truck with the goal that it can make drivers aware of the close by intersections and radio conductor alerts at the level intersections that can prohibit vehicle radios (Wullems et al., 2014). Notwithstanding, the bundle of $33 million, which the legislature has concocted, they, will incorporate the dont chance it crusade of promoting and will expand the work at 75 intersections to free the vegetation from the lines from vision. Expansion to this there will be two new consistence cameras that will likewise be tried in the metropolitan intersection and in the provincial intersection (Salmon et al., 2013). The new measures and approaches additionally incorporate the punishments that will be charged for each driver on the offenses made by them at the level intersections. This bundle by the administration will upgrade e the street security in Victoria. In any case, the reasons that the open vehicle serve said are the primary driver of the mishap were negligence, the drivers disposition spurn the law and those drivers who have no mindfulness about the prerequisites. In this way, remembering these the arrangements and practices are executed. Hence, Victorian government considere d of purchasing innovation abroad that will help the truck drivers get the admonitions through their radios when the trains will be drawing closer at the level intersection. Subsequently, as indicated by the vehicle serve there must be perceptible admonition to the truck drivers who will be moving toward the tracks when the trains are close (Wullems, Nikandros Nelson-Furnell, 2013). As indicated by the rail wellbeing specialists, they believe that there are prerequisites of greater improvement in the security measures at the level intersections that must include an establishment of blast entryways at each level intersection. By and by, the legislature has just made huge enhancements, which are directing in the $30 million in redesigning level intersections everywhere throughout the state. The thunder strips that were guaranteed are all set up today. The computerized refreshed admonition signs are additionally being consistently revealed everywhere throughout the state. As far as possible have additionally been diminished at dominant part of the level intersections and there has been expanded law requirement and punishments (Glendon, Clarke McKenna, 2016). Be that as it may, in the wake of executing these strategies, which were upgrading the intersections in Victoria and presentation of thunder strips, the accidents at the level intersections had truly fallen as contrast with the past number of mishaps. They additionally proposed to improve the upkeep and guidelines ventures that are of overwhelming vehicles and the punishments that would be forced for the breaks of gauges will upgrade in the following not many years. Wellbeing has consistently been the worry of the Australian government at the level intersections thus they are continually battling to proceed for enhancements that they can make at the level intersections to forestall the mishaps (Flammini, 2012). To finish up the article it very well may be said that kerang train mishap that occurred in 5thJune 2007 really shook the Victorian government and constrained them to take potential measures so the train crashes are limited. This train crash was a monstrous one as the truck hit the train since he was unable to hear the notice signal nor he could see the glimmering light that the train is drawing closer. Reports state that 11 travelers were demise and in excess of 23 travelers were harmed. It was additionally said that the harmed didn't get appropriate and on time clinical offices else states of the casualties would have been something more. In any case, the legislature was dynamic enough to actualize new strategies and took right measures with the goal that wellbeing of the travelers just as the drivers can be improve and the mishaps can be forestalled. References Curtis, K., Caldwell, E., Delprado, A., Munroe, B. (2012). Horrible injury in Australia and New Zealand.Australasian crisis nursing journal,15(1), 45-54. Flammini, F. (Ed.). (2012).Railway Safety, Reliability, and Security: Technologies and Systems Engineering: Technologies and Systems Engineering. IGI Global. Glendon, A. I., Clarke, S., McKenna, E. (2016). Human wellbeing and hazard the executives. Crc Press. Guo, F., Chang-Richards, Y., Wilkinson, S., Li, T. C. (2014). Impacts of venture administration structures on themanagement of dangers in significant foundation extends: A relative analysis.International Journal of Project Management,32(5), 815-826. Mauri

Indivisual rights, health disparities and policy options Essay

Indivisual rights, wellbeing inconsistencies and arrangement alternatives - Essay Example As indicated by reviews that have been led positioning medicinal services arrangement in a few zones of the United States, the province of Washington was found to have a portion of the region’s most beneficial regions, and these regions included regions, for example, Montgomery and Fairfax. The exploration likewise demonstrated that there happens to exist a few pockets inside the express that had moderately elevated levels of unexpected weakness. These regions included areas, for example, the Prince George’s County and Maryland County. Like most other poor districts in the United States, Maryland and Prince George provinces of Washington have been seen as confronting some significant difficulties in endeavors planned for attempting to guarantee that they give quality wellbeing administrations to their inhabitants. This has essentially been seen as an immediate consequence of devastating monetary requirements as an immediate aftereffect of the moderately poor salary and high joblessness paces of the inhabitants of these two zones (Rand Corporation 1). As indicated by a report gave by the Center to Health Equity. Maryland County has been believed to be battling with an assortment of social insurance issues. The County has moderately elevated levels of smokers. While the present rate and objectives that have been set by the CDC remain at 12 percent for grown-up smokers, Maryland County has a normal grown-up smoker’s pace of more than 17 percent. The state likewise spent about 1.5 billion dollars in treating sicknesses identified with heftiness (Avalere wellbeing 41). An expected 80,000 of the grown-ups living in ruler George County were seen as uninsured. These levels were seen as more than twice of those in the neighboring County of Howard. The non-old Latino populace in Maryland was additionally seen as bound to be uninsured when contrasted with the whites in the County (Avalere wellbeing 41). Malignant growth has been seen as the subsequent driving reason for death in Maryland County with lung disease being the most widely recognized for both the ladies and men. In the

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House of Obedience Free Essays

The Bait-al-taa or House of Obedience is an arrangement in Islam law which gives spouses the option to request dutifulness from their wives. On the off chance that a lady leaves her husband’s home without his consent he has the option to compel her to return. The spouse can guarantee â€Å"nushaz† or noncompliance and request her to return with a qadi (judgment. We will compose a custom paper test on Place of Obedience or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now ) Once the lady returns she stays either at her husband’s home or in another living territory (House of Obedience) which furnishes the lady with basic necessities. Separation isn't permitted except if the spouse concludes that is the thing that he needs. In her short story â€Å"House of Obedience† Ihsan Assal rejects Bait-al-taa for it just upsets the movement of ladies in Islam. The short story â€Å"House of Obedience† by Assal follows the life of a youthful Egyptian young lady named Nabila. Nabila is offered to a man at fifteen years old and is miserable, she subsequently flees just to end up living in the House of Obedience. The story opens in a court where Nabila’s father gets excused for wedding Nabila off at such a youthful age. Nabila gets back to her folks yet not long after discovers that her legal dispute has been revived by her better half. She is removed by a cop, a trooper and a lady and is brought to the House of Obedience where her better half anticipates her. The House of Obedience had a â€Å"sofa that was increasingly similar to a swing. On either side was a stick seat, and in front was a little table† 12 different furnishings included â€Å"a wooden bed, huge organizer, a garments peg. †13 Nabila is vexed and disheartened immediately and can hardly imagine how she is being compelled to live in the lawful house. Her significant other, Adil attempts to reaquaint himself with Nabila yet Nabila doesn't represent it. She discloses to him that she will never like him and drives away his advances. She won't eat the food he gives her and overlooks him as well as could be expected, â€Å"You feel that the submission decision implies that I need to offer myself to you without wanting to? Adil, whatever you do I will never in my entire life be yours. †14 Although Nabila gets visits from her folks and offers the hopelessness and challenges of living in a place of acquiescence with her mother she feels alone and caught. At some point, when the entryway was opened Nabila flees from the House of Obedience and comes back to her parents’s home. This endeavor in any case, just as her subsequent endeavor are not fruitful. Her better half accompanies police to search for Nabila and makes her arrival to the House of Obedience. After cautiously investigating her choices Nabila goes to her better half and requests nushuz. This would ensure Nabila as being insubordinate and would give up her privileges to separation and divorce settlement, the main right she would have gone out of compliance. Despite the fact that these are somewhat cruel conditions Nabila consents to them for she is hopeless living under the House of Obedience. Content with the possibilities of opportunity, Nabila goes on about her day, this bliss anyway rapidly blurs. Adil comes back to the lawful house with papers that enlisted Nabila’s nushuz for an amazing remainder and gave Adil the option to force acquiescence at whatever point he felt like it. At the end of the day, Adil could have Nabila come back to the House of Obedience at whatever point he satisfied. Nabila loses control and flees to her parents’s home. Adil follows her and awards her a separation for he understands that regardless of how enthusiastically he attempts no House of Obedience will make Nabila love him. At long last, Adil and Nabila separate from each other, leaving Nabila to scrutinize her actual affections for Adil-did her outrage towards the House of Obedience obstruct her judgment and perspective on how Adil really felt for her? Notwithstanding, Nabila proceeds onward with her life. This story catches the assurance and solid will of a youthful female. It is simply because of her brains she can go out of Obedience. This story shows us the troubles living under the House of Obedience. You have nothing to do with basically anything, you are a detainee. Nabila is an uncommon case for very few ladies are permitted to get away from the House of Obedience, she utilized her smarts to escape an impasse and unbearable life that the law made conceivable. This story additionally gives us how the House of Obedience basically filled in as a blockage to a marriage that may have worked out. In the event that Nabila was not compelled to remain in the House of Obedience and was permitted to remain at her parents’s house, she may have come to understand that Adil did infact love her. Rather she concentrated every last bit of her time and vitality on her scorn towards the House of Obedience, she didn’t have the opportunity to acknowledge how Adil genuinely felt, â€Å" I began to cry when I heard the promise of separation just as a blade was dove into my heart†¦. I felt some lament, for I had found out of nowhere that he truly cherished me. †15 The birthplace of Bait-al-taa can be credited to the conventions of Muslim family structures. Ladies needed to remain at home, bear and bring up kids, and tune in to their spouses in return for money related help. In the event that she was to ever leave without her husband’s assent, at that point the spouse has each privilege to request her to rebound home. At the point when she returns it is exhorted that individuals and neighbors are close, along these lines they could hear the ladies shout and be observers to her treatment. This shows numerous ladies confronted the capability of being beaten by their spouses. Generally, Bait-al-taa is utilized by spouses to abstain from paying provision upon separate, if a lady will not go to the House of Obedience, she relinquishes her entitlement to divorce settlement. 16 Bait-al-taa is utilized as another strategy by men to implement their position and authority over ladies. Under Bait-al-taa ladies have no state by any stretch of the imagination, in the event that they go out of compliance they are compelled to return and on the off chance that they will not go they surrender their divorce settlement, which numerous ladies need to help themselves monetarily. Ladies additionally can't get a separation until they can legitimately demonstrate that their marriage can never again be proceeded in a sound way. These limitations and weight of confirmation are set on ladies. During the 1920s the Egyptian Feminist Union battled long and difficult to attempt to ban Bait-al-taa yet they were not effective. The Egyptian Feminist Union attempted to show the administration that ladies merited the option to request a legal separation, numerous other Egyptian gatherings additionally attempted to abrogate lure al-taa however they excessively were ineffective. It wasn’t until February 1967 that a change to the Bait-al-taa was passed that banned the use of cops to compel a lady back to her home17 and later in the year it was totally finished. 18 Unhappy relationships are the reason for ladies fleeing and age assumes a significant job in this choice. Over the long haul our thoughts and points of view start to change. In the start of Islam young ladies were being offered at 8 years old, this training was comprehended and acknowledged. Be that as it may, with time individuals began to dissent, this was particularly obvious in Egypt in the early and mid 1900s when trap al-taa was by and large broadly rehearsed and Egyptian Feminist were starting to rise. Age relates with development and subsequently, the Egyptian Feminist Union revitalized and requested of the administration to set an age limit on marriage. After some consultation the Parliament concurred and proclaimed the base age for females to get hitched was sixteen and for guys eighteen. Despite the fact that, this is the thing that the Egyptian Feminist Union needed, it was anything but a total success. This new law helped the center and high society families who needed to teach their little girls while it hurt the lower class families for they needed to keep accommodating their girls for a more drawn out time. Likewise, this law was not followed consistently, individuals started to make counterfeit birth endorsements and worked around the framework to get what they needed, â€Å"my father was not rebuffed for having me offered when I was a lawful minor. 19 This law gave females more opportunity to themselves before they got hitched yet it additionally fortified that guys were progressively significant; under this law guys were relied upon to complete school and get degrees while young ladies were definitely not. 20 After perusing â€Å"The House of Obedience† obviously Assal doesn't concur with the Bait-al-taa and needed it to be evacuated and I concur with her totally. Trap al-taa conflicts with a portion of the central convictions of Islam, Islam says to â€Å"not deliver retribution on your women’ and ‘Be delicate with them or leave them individually. 21 Women should be buddies and accomplices to their spouses not their slaves. Snare al-taa just purposes grating, outrage and disdain between the couple. The spouse gets irritated with the wife for leaving, and the wife gets steamed at the husband for keeping her in bondage, this makes savagery eject and nothing is comprehended. The Bait-al-taa gives an excess of control to men and leaves ladies powerless and helpless, â€Å"the snare al-taa is more hazardous than jails for hoodlums: the detainment facilities are protected by men contributed with power by the law†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ The spouse is unmistakably and included wat chman. Nobody controls him†¦. he can affront her and hit her and the courts won't believe this conduct to be outside his lawful rights. †22 No one successes under the trap al-taa, its standards are not found in the Quran, Hadith or Sunnah. It conflicts with Islam and negates numerous laws in social orders. For instance, how could a spouse escape or not be rebuffed for beating his better half and keeping her in a house without wanting to while they’re laws to shield residents from real damage? Bait-al-taa is very repudiating and disposing of it was the best activity. Instructions to refer to House of Obedience, Papers

Reach Out and Touch †Maxine Tynes Essay

1. Every lady on the transport responds to the child’s activities in an unexpected way. Theâ narrator responds by grinning at the kids since she realizes this is neither the first nor the last time this will occur, while the mother of the kids responds by slapping their hands to make them quit contacting the lady. 2. A subject proclamation communicating my translation of the primary thought in thisâ poem would be: Children are the individuals who don’t comprehend the contrasts among individuals and so as to acknowledge them, they need to see, yet in addition â€Å"to connect and touch†. A model supporting my announcement is â€Å"and contact the wavy electric of my hair your fingers plunged in the earthy colored skin enchantment of my neck to check whether it comes off†. Look increasingly: first sonnet for youâ essay 3. The tone and disposition of the sonnet are puzzling toward the starting when it isn't clear what is truly going on, yet sort of awkward toward the end when the peruser distinguishes what the kids had done and how they have caused their mom to feel humiliated from their activities. Maxine Tynes utilizes symbolism, correlation and meaning (â€Å"dipped in the earthy colored skin magic†) to pass on this disposition and tone. 4. Incongruity encompasses the â€Å"motherlove† in this sonnet in light of the fact that a mother’s love intends to touch her youngsters with adoration and love as opposed to showing them ethics particularly in broad daylight places. Be that as it may, in the sonnet the mother slaps her children when she sees them contacting the dark lady.

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Life of Pi Dramatic Story - Free Essay Example

Life of Pi is a wild and dramatic story about a young boy raised in India, who attempts to move to Canada on a cargo ship. Something goes awry, and the ship sinks. The main character, Pi Patel, is stranded in the middle of the ocean with an orangutan, a hyena, a zebra, and an adult bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Its a story about becoming an adult, and persevering even in the face of the toughest challenges and adversities. Pi has a lot of beliefs that formed in India, from past experiences and from family advice, prior to being stranded on the lifeboat. During his time on the lifeboat, a lot of those beliefs he had before are changed, either by his own doing or by an event on his journey that caused the change of that belief. Pis three beliefs were that: taming a tiger is too dangerous and impossible to do,that Pi would always be a vegetarian and would stick to his word, and that Pi would never have to be a leader and would always take the backseat to others. Those three beliefs that were modified on the lifeboat, and they were modified when: Pi realized Richard Parker was his most important asset on the lifeboat, when Pi had to kill a flying fish in order to eat, and when Pi decided that the only way that he and Richard Parker would survive is if Pi asserted his dominance over Richard Park er and deemed himself the alpha male of the boat. Pis first belief, taught to him by his father in the Pondicherry Zoo, was that any person shouldnt try to tame a tiger, much less approach one, regardless of their prior knowledge or information concerning the various behavioral changes and emotions of a powerful and dangerous beast like the Bengal tiger. When Pi was a child, his father decided that it was important for Pi and his brother, Ravi, to learn an important lesson about the animals in the zoo, especially the tigers. His father forced them to watch as one of their tigers ruthlessly mauled a helpless goat. Pi recalls that moment in a particularly blurred fashion in his story, saying that he didnt know if he actually saw blood or simply imagined it, but it nonetheless, it was enough to scare the living vegetarian daylights out of me. (Martel 36) Naturally, Pi never forgot this moment, and eventually had to challenge what it taught him, years later on the lifeboat. Pi realized on the boat that he simply would not survive on the boat if he couldnt tame or restrain Richard Parker somehow. He knew that, eventually, Richard Parker would become hungry and eat Pi just like the goat many years before. He had to find a way to keep himself alive, but also keep Richard Parker alive with him, because he knew if Richard Parker died, he would be completely without company, alone in the middle of the ocean, and would most definitely give up and die. He also knew that he had all the things necessary to attempt to tame Richard Parker. As Pi says while pondering his options to survive, What was missing here to tame Richard Parker? Time? It might be weeks before a ship sighted me.. Resolve? Theres nothing like extreme need to give you resolve. Knowledge? Was I not a zookeepers son? Reward? Was there any reward greater than life? Any punishment worse than death? (Martel 165) Pi knew that taming Richard Parker was the difference between him living and dying. So, P i composed himself, found a whistle on one of the lifeboats, and got to work in taming Richard Parker by asserting himself and making his presence known. Pis second belief, formed by his past experiences and by his own decisions, was that he would always be a vegetarian and would never ever eat meat. There is no true explanation as to why he chose to be vegetarian, but one of the reasons could be that Pi grew up watching primary examples of the food chain because he lived in the Pondicherry Zoo. He watched the aforementioned lesson that his father taught him with the tiger and the goat, and he likely watched many other feedings along with it. It also could be contributed to him being a self-proclaimed Hindu. Many Hindus prefer to abide to a basic lacto-vegetarian diet excluding meat and eggs partly due to their beliefs. Pi had to confront this belief and inevitably change it in order to survive, much to his dismay. Pi changed his second belief by adapting to the situation at hand and setting aside his past, knowing this was absolutely necessary for him to live. Pis first three days on the boat were very bad. He couldnt find food and he was simply shriveling and dying. Eventually, Pi found a locker full of things he would later utilize, but the main two items Pi found were some cans of water and emergency rations. As Pi read the packaging for the rations, he noticed that the rations included animal fat. Pi is adamantly vegetarian, so, despite being disturbed, he pinched his nose and ate the ration. Later, however, Pi was blessed with a bundle of flying fish that had landed in the boat while jumping from the water. Pi knew that this was his main source of food, but his vegetarian morals prevented him from killing the innocent fish. Pi describes this moment in the book as, Tears flowing down my cheeks, I egged myself on until I heard a cracking sound and I no longer felt any life fighting in my h ands I wept heartily over this poor little deceased soul. It was the first sentient being I had ever killed. I was now a killer. I was now as guilty as Cain. I was sixteen years old and now I had blood on my hands. (Martel 183) After this, Pi became accustomed to killing fish, and didnt give it any second thoughts. He knew he had to do this in order to survive the rest of the voyage, so he adapted and got used to it, for the sake of his life. Pis third and final belief, created from his lifestyle and his family, was that he would always be submissive and would follow in the footsteps of others. This belief originated due to living in the shadow of his popular and athletic older brother, Ravi, but also due to being ridiculed in his primary school days due to his strange name and its origin. He came to believe that he would never need to lead others because of his introverted nature and social obscurity in the public eyes. Nobody knew who he was, so nobody would want him to lead them. Pi gives us a glimpse of this in his first year attending Petit Seminaire, when he states, Ravi was already there, and like all younger brothers, I would suffer from following in the footsteps of a popular older sibling. He was the athlete of his generationThat I was a swimmer made no waves (Martel 21-22) Pi had to change this belief and take control of his situation. He knew he needed to step up and become the alpha of the boat, and take cont rol of his fragile and fleeting life, and thats what he did. Pi changed his third belief by stepping up and becoming a leader. He made his own decisions in order to protect his life and Richard Parkers life along with it. He gave up on eating emergency rations and began fishing for food and making clean water using rain catchers and solar filters. He then began to tame Richard Parker using a whistle and food as leverage to make Richard Parker not only acknowledge him as the alpha, but treat him as a friend and companion. He knew that Richard Parker was clearly hoping for him to be his companion, due to Richard Parkers use of the prusten sound, indicating a desire for friendship. Pi took advantage of all of those signs, and used them well. He became the alpha and led Richard Parker to safety in Mexico using his intelligence to guide them. He saved the lives of both himself and of the adult Bengal tiger. Pi needed to modify those three beliefs that he formed in India. If he didnt, he would have starved and died very early in his voyage, or would have been killed by Richard Parker. In order to survive in Pis cruel and unforgiving situation, he needed to adapt and find a way around his problems. He certainly did that and more, not only living for months at sea with a dangerous Bengal tiger, but keeping the Bengal tiger alive and well along with him. Pi lost his family, cheated death multiple times, and came out with a phenomenal and nearly unbelievable story of overcoming the odds despite them being stacked so much against him. Pi was lucky enough to have the intelligence, knowledge, calmness, determination, and overall emotion to work hard enough to survive whatever was thrown his way. We can relate to Pi because sometimes things change, and you need to adapt to it in order to be comfortable in your new situation. Have you ever had to adapt and change your beliefs? Have you ever been forced to do so? Have you ever thought of the times where you could change your beliefs for the better, but you didnt? Think about it as you reflect on this amazing novel and all that it means to you.